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Lakewood WWII D-Day veteran celebrates 102nd birthday

Lakewood veteran Sam Sachs recently celebrated his 102nd birthday surrounded by fellow veterans, friends and family. Lakewood City Council Member Todd Rogers presented him with a city proclamation in his honor.

Sam is proud of the 32 years he served in the Army. "I was part of the biggest invasion operation since the beginning of time," he says of his service in the 325nd Glider Infantry of the 2nd Airborne. "It was June 6, the sun was shining and we landed in Normandy at nine o'clock. The glider was shot at many times, but I found only one bullet hole. I remember it like it was yesterday."

Sam joined the Army in 1931. He was assigned to various posts including California, Arkansas, Georgia, and Louisiana, and relocated to the Casablanca in Africa in spring of 1943 as Europe began to be liberated. There he served as company commander for 200 men. That fall, Sam relocated to Ireland and later England where he practiced flying a glider. He was instrumental in the planning of the invasion with the gliders.

In 1945, Sam returned to the United States and continued to serve with the reserves until his retirement with the rank of Lt. Colonel. Sam was married for 58 years and has three sons and five grandchildren. He never misses his weekly bridge game.

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