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Kandee Lewis, Guest Speaker at Building Stronger Families in West Athens

As Guest Speaker at Building Stronger Families in West Athens, Kandee Lewis of The Positive Results Corporation, brought a message 'Being A Miracle'!

"We are each individual, unique and precious! Because there never was and never will be another one of us, that make each of us A Miracle! Live In Your Purpose!" stated Kandee.

The event was hosted by Gloria J. Davis, Executive Director of the Girls Club of Los Angeles. Building Stronger Families in West Athens is a program of the GCLA, through their collaboration with Best Start West Athens Community Partnership.

Best Start offers services for young parents ages 12-24 with children between the ages 0-5 to ensure that they have access to the services which support optimal care for and promote the healthy development, school readiness and the well-being of young children. The program open to all community members of West Athens, includes Parent Workshops, Leadership and Advocacy, Civic and Community Engagement, and the opportunity to serve in a Advisory Committee for a campaign to promote services for young parents.

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