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City of Compton Honors EME Inc. for 50-Years of Business Services

The City Council members enthusiastically recognized EME Incorporated for its outstanding 50-year business operation in the City of Compton. EME is one of the premier aerospace metal finishing companies in the country. The City is highly honored to have a business operate with such efficiency over a very long sustained period of time. EME employs well over 100 people, where many of whom live in the City.

Accepting the award from the City Council members was Mr. Wesley Turnbow, CEO of EME. Mr. Trunbow is part of a fine family legacy who took over EME’s executive leadership position from his father Randy Turnbow, EME’s founder.

EME offers a wide range of services including multi-process finishing capabilities, aero-space metal plating, non-destructive testing, stripping, priming, anodizing, painting and blasting. The aerospace industry is the bulk of EME’s client base. EME is an accomplished metal refining company that cares deeply for its employees and their families, by fostering a first-rate customer service atmosphere, by competitive pricing, and by maintaining a superior and intelligent facility.

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