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NOW AVAILABLE: Original Helmet Hoodie Face Mask

The adult & kids masks behind the ears are in. DM me for colors, prices & bulk prices.

Custom logos on masks are also available.

In response to the Centers for Disease Control guidelines, Helmet Hoodie (The Original Helmet Hoodie) has ceased production on its popular sports line to make manufacturing face masks their number one priority. Stay protected from Covid19 with these 'Made in the U.S.A.' Limited Edition Helmet Hoodie face masks. These masks are 100% machine washable, 3 layers of fabric with a breathable mesh lining, foam on the inside for extra comfort, and an easy access pocket to add your own filter!

"We saw the need and shifted our focus to the safety and protection of the American people," says Vernon Smith, Founder/CEO of The Original Helmet Hoodie, based in Santa Monica, California. "Our factory has geared up for individual orders, as well as bulk orders from States, local governments, hospitals, medical facilities and more," confirmed Adam Sudman, COO.

Hailed as the Best Face Masks on the Market, it is wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and face. The cotton-poly blend mask fits most and comes with a wash bag. They can accommodate any color request. Masks can be fitted with a disposable N95 filter (respirator). This safety device covers the nose and mouth and helps protect the wearer from breathing in small particles in the air such as dust and mold. Helmet Hoodie Face Masks - Follow them: Facebook - Instagram - ABOUT HELMET HOODIE Helmet Hoodie was created by two sports fans who believe the power of sports resides in the power of the fans. The collection stays true to their purpose; they want to create comfortable, innovative, customizable clothing that empowers fans to push themselves mentally and physically, just like their favorite athletes and teams. Helmet Hoodie was designed for the fans. Learn more at

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