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Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Drive-in Movie Event Held in Celebration of MLK Day

Baldwin Hills Crenshaw, in partnership with Councilman Harris-Dawson, hosted a drive-in move night of Selma yesterday to give communities the opportunity to celebrate MLK Day in a safe manner amidst COVID-19.

“This year, amidst the injustices, intolerance, and violence we have witnessed throughout our nation – particularly towards people of color – it was crucial to provide our community an opportunity to celebrate the life and achievements of a historic American civil rights leader,” said Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson. “The community came out in the hundreds to enjoy an afternoon out while enjoying this timely film."

As a long-standing community partner, Baldwin Hills Crenshaw continued to safely serve the community during these challenging times by sharing important relevant local and national updates, remaining open when possible, supporting food distributions, providing COVID-19 testing, and continuing to host the fresh foods Farmers Market.


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